The Goodbyes…

And I have realised that every good bye is tough… When I did plays – as much as I loved opening night and all the grandeur and excitement; it was always bitter-sweet. There’d be no more rehearsals, no more swapping stories and gossip, no more long coffee breaks and bloopers. The family that we createdContinue reading “The Goodbyes…”

Goodbye…(To all those people and experiences who I’ve said goodbye to)

I really hate goodbye They make me sad , I hate to cry I question God and ask him why I really hate goodbye I don’t think it’s fair to let you go My heart aches but I won’t say so You made my life a better place Without you there’s a huge empty spaceContinue reading “Goodbye…(To all those people and experiences who I’ve said goodbye to)”

Take a Chance on Change!

To start over…something must end. To say hello… sometimes we have to say goodbye.To laugh again…sometimes we need to have cried! Divya Palat  It’s so hard when things are over when we just keep holding on! I realised this when I produced my first set of shows and the run was complete and as everyoneContinue reading “Take a Chance on Change!”