Pricks & Doctors

I did my first self-administered (inflicted) injection! I was all ready to do this, till of course I had to actually give myself the shot! Then I hummed and hawed and honestly was quite sure I wouldn’t do it- till I took a deep breath and stabbed myself. It wasn’t fun. Multiple staple pins, shootingContinue reading “Pricks & Doctors”

My Painful Valentines!

The first injection was awful. The poke wasn’t that bad if you call being stapled on with a staple gun and numerous tiny staple pins not bad… But it was only after the injection, the real pain began. Now keep in mind that knowing I was starting a new injection, which guaranteed painful side effects;Continue reading “My Painful Valentines!”

Pricks, Pokes and Bablu

Today is yet a new drug trial… on me! It’s been pricks, pokes and meds non stop for us to find out which works best for me! And though I do believe that I’ve been taking them all like a trooper and making as much fun of myself as I possibly can; I’ve realised IContinue reading “Pricks, Pokes and Bablu”

My world stopped.

The diagnosis was uttered in between a sentence. It was almost an after thought… It was just said. “For the MS lets start Aubagio…”. The words continued but for me it stopped at ‘MS’. “What did you say,” I questioned. “Don’t worry, I’ll send you the entire prescription,” the doctor continued almost without losing aContinue reading “My world stopped.”

Let there be light…

The drama of 2020 was due a cinematic horror film release…. Last year none of us would have even fathomed the destruction, the death or the depression that 2020 brought in plentiful. It was an odd year to say the least…We learnt a lot… and most of us will definitely admit that. Whether these wereContinue reading “Let there be light…”

My Death Sentence.

“You will never move again. Your brain has been compromised and you’ll be left side paralysed. You should have come here sooner.” These were the first words I heard from a Doctor in 2005,on the first Monday of June after I seem to finally awaken from what seemed to be a long, very uncomfortable ‘sleep’Continue reading “My Death Sentence.”

It’s an MS Day…

It’s an MS day and though that may mean nothing for some and confuse the rest… I’m going to try and explain it the best I can. I have multiple sclerosis. On most days you wouldn’t know that because between my fiery, quick speech and the fact that I literally never stop doing something, you’dContinue reading “It’s an MS Day…”

Absolute Power Farce- News and Social media!

And the week was a sapping week… The lack of sunshine didn’t really help the mood. We had London weather, without any of the cool breezes or nips in the air. It didn’t help that the MS pain is returning ever so gradually warning me with new pains in areas that I didn’t think couldContinue reading “Absolute Power Farce- News and Social media!”

The Politics of being a Woman

Now none of this is to allow you to infer my personal feelings on the current Sushant Singh Rajput case or my feelings on Kangana Ranaut, but this week was an embarrassment! Whatever the final outcome of the SSR case may be; the hounding of a woman as she entered a CBI space for questioningContinue reading “The Politics of being a Woman”

The Big Depression

The gloomy days don’t help and the natural disasters and unnatural disasters (Beirut) make every day greyer and longer. Then there’s the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a cure for Covid or any end for this pandemic in site. Add to that the daily suicides, desperately sad photographs that make every newspapers frontContinue reading “The Big Depression”

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