Scared. Sad. (Repeat)

And as we approach the umpteenth threat of lockdown, this year I see a different approach all around !

Whereas last year we wanted to come back to work and life and ‘normal,’ now there’s almost a sense of foreboding and a depressed acceptance. Whereas last year we bonded with family and friends virtually and came together as a community… this year it’s seeming like it’s each person for themselves. Loneliness and a lack of hope seems to have replaced the fighting attitude and camaraderie that last year had in buckets.

Covid-19 cases are on the rise but mass immunity can only come with either infection or injection and since we’re short on injections in the country now (yes, I can’t believe we have exported double the amount than we’ve kept in the world’s second largest populated country)… we will need to take a step back and now make the citizens a priority. Vaccinate all. Another lockdown will not just cause thee economy to crumble ; I believe it will cause people’s wills’ to crumble as well.

But right now I’m scared -scared I didn’t travel more, see more, appreciate more. Scared I didn’t connect more, do more, achieve more. Scared I didn’t prioritise everything that was important and now prioritising things may bee a function of what is allowed rather than what is needed. So I’m scared. Sad and scared.

P.s. (Palat Says) -: This too will pass is all I have been keeping in mind as I work through all my fears of covid and lockdown… Be strong …! This must pass. Not sure whether I’m saying this more for you or for me :)!


3 thoughts on “Scared. Sad. (Repeat)

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