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So this is a big one. 1-5! Aditya and I celebrate our 15th Wedding anniversary this year! This is also one of the first few years we’re not able to run away and travel together and my parents and sister have brought all our friends together to celebrate with us! From the silence of the waves lapping on a shore (our usual anniversary escapes); this one will be loud, raucous and with tons of love, I’m sure and I’m looking forward to it!

But this year I got more nostalgic than usual. 15 years of marriage and 19 + years of seeing each other and 25 years of knowing each other- Aditya and I have been together for a lifetime – a lifetime full of memories.

I remember the time where as I cried (for good dramatic effect) as I left home in the car after my marriage for the Taj; Aditya asked why I was crying. “I am leaving home,” I dramatically stated. “So am I,” he said. And he was right. Our home, was his first real move ever and even though our home still continues to go thorough numerous avatars; he honestly believes that we don’t still have all his stuff from his childhood home.

I remember when I moved in to the house and I was asked to step in red water when I entered my home for the first time; Aditya made Cookie our cocker spaniel do the same! From not ever having a pet to being the best puppy parent Magic could have, I love that about you Aditya!

I love our travels. From pulling suitcases across all of Paris, to jumping in and out of moving trains , to getting completely lost and then just sitting down to have coffee.I love getting lost with you. We’ve jumped off planes, we’ve dived with sharks ; we’ve helicoptered, rappelled and played with wild lion cubs. Thank you for indulging my madness and even pretending to like it sometimes.

You have taught me love. You’d fight the world for me and even fight me sometimes just to protect me! This drives me crazy sometimes. But I am so happy I have found someone who sees me the way you see me… not a lot of people get the obsession but I’m glad you have rose-tinted glasses for me!

I am the doubter. You are the believer. I am the over-sharer. You are the secret keeper. I am the obsessive planner. You are the facilitator. I’m the crazy one- loudly shouting how much I love you , even when you desperately want me to shut up ! You are the one with the quiet gestures – each perfect , each special but each nearly not loud enough πŸ˜‚!

When I dream and fly high, you always ensure there’s enough rope to keep me soaring; yet allowing me the safety to know that you’ll be there when I need you.

You are kind beyond belief and always give the other person both respect and importance making them feel heard and listened to and cared about. I learn that every day from you.

I love that you encourage my madness, my dreams, my crazy ideas and my interactive game parties and even though I’m sure you think they are nuts, you immerse yourself wholeheartedly.

You make me a better me. When 26/11 hit me so hard and I started writing; you gave me a deadline to showcase my raw truth- a play that we eventually toured the world with. If you hadn’t given me a deadline, I’d never have written it!

You’re the perfect sweetness to my spice. You love sports. I love hacking. You love Coldplay… I’m Bollywood all the way! You give me the space to scream, the world to dream. You can annoy me in an instant and make me laugh even faster. You know my every thought as I am thinking it and know my change of mood in an instant.

You are my heart and soul and everything in between. I love you truly, madly, deeply (Savage Garden reference).

Thank you for loving me… here’s to many more laughs, tons of new adventures and a gazillion more memories (yes I know that’s not a number)

P.s.-: I’m sure today will be like every other. We’ll laugh. We’ll fight. We’ll fight some more… and then we’ll cuddle Magic (and I wouldn’t want to change a darn thing!)


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