The Goodbyes…

And I have realised that every good bye is tough…

When I did plays – as much as I loved opening night and all the grandeur and excitement; it was always bitter-sweet. There’d be no more rehearsals, no more swapping stories and gossip, no more long coffee breaks and bloopers. The family that we created would graduate and move on to their own lives. Of course we’d meet for shows , much like families meet for the holidays and we’d have the quick catchups and the familiar laughs but there would now be a distance and it would never quite be the same.

But then before you know it there’d be a new show and a new family and the closeness and bonds would be forged again.

When I started expanding Balancing Act, it became the same. Each person was hand picked and chosen and I made them family over time and every time one left there was a part of me that missed the relationship we shared and another part excited about the new person/ people I would meet.

I now know that life is a journey. You will meet many people on the way. People come in to your life for many reasons. Some to help you , even when you didn’t know you needed help; some to teach you lessons – even the harshest or hardest of lessons and once you receive the help or learn from the lessons they will leave you and move on as their purpose has been served.

However there will be a few who will stay on and on and on, because both you and them will keep learning, growing and helping each other. And these are the people that you will find over time, that you will learn to value and who will always have your back. These are the people who are on your journey with you- so you will never be alone.

These are the people you won’t say goodbye to.

Look for these people. Treasure these people. Love these people.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Every good bye has a hello just waiting to happen!


4 thoughts on “The Goodbyes…

  1. 🙂 … never say die … never give up … the lord of the sun … gives the sword … 2 the 1 … who maintains the oath … 2 rise & re rise again !!! … jai jhulelal … always fight till the end … behind each goodbye … tata … c u … beloved family members are waiting 🙂 … in queue @ the airport lounge … to return home 🙂 🙂 🙂 … with world full of teddy bears for my sister princess joy & blessings 🙂 … last but not the least … rakhi is on 15th … with each passing moment … blessings return … om hanumantaye … om hanumantaye … _/\_ shri ram jai ram jai jai ram _/\_ … 🙂 most best blessings always … om hanumantaye … 🙂 …


      1. _/\_ ll : ॐ सूर्य ये नमो नमः ll _/\_
        _/\_ ll : ॐ सूर्य ये नमो नमः ll _/\_
        imperial divine
        blessings always
        alice in wonderland
        is my sister princess
        dearest blessed divya didi
        _/\_ ll : ॐ सूर्य ये नमो नमः ll _/\_
        _/\_ ll : ॐ हनुमनताये : ll _/\_


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