‘You look so beautiful.’ ‘ I am soooooo busy. ‘ ‘My marriage is perfect.’ ‘Of course I eat… yes… real food silly!’ ‘ The holiday was amazing!’ ‘My kids are awesome!’ – every lie we ever tell each other now becomes firmly stuck in the forever world of the internet. With filters and instagrammable hashtags it’s like we’re all living the perfect life…except we’re not! The picture perfect fairytale that we all seem so keen to show off is often anything but…

You don’t realise this till you get off the screen and actually meet your ‘friends.’ You don’t realise they’ve been up all night not partying but because their kids are sick. You don’t realise they are having lunch with you and not doing a double date because they want to talk about their marriage. You don’t realise they don’t eat because they are being fat shamed at the gym… You don’t realise a lot of things.

And yet you stay ‘friends.’

So what I have done is started meeting people offline… meeting and connecting and realising that everything may not be perfect- not for me and not for them and that’s ok. That’s what differentiates us. We can all have photographs with the same filters but life doesn’t come with filters and every photograph may not be perfect but it’s our experience and our lives and like my grand father used to say if life doesn’t have ups and downs how would you know you’re alive…

The meetings have been amazing. They have been real. They have been flawed. They have been perfect. And I gotta say I’m hooked! I’m more social than I have been… I’m making more real friends, having better conversations, caring more and feeling more and I’m actually connecting… not the Fb connect… but actually connecting and now the photographs we have at parties and get togethers don’t need the filters – cos they have memories attached … and that’s the coolest filter of them all.

P.s.(Palat says) #FriYay #NightWithFriends #ConnectInRealLife


5 thoughts on “#FakeNews

  1. humans make mistakes … mistakes maketh a perfect gentleman … refrain make life richer … humans earn positive blessings … positive blessings … make generations … worth living … machines are perfect … when machines are perfect … why machines upgrade … no answer !!! …
    humans become more civilized … by earning good positive blessings … becoming better humans with higher … noble kind … generous principles … virtues values … well guided … people grow … become … more blessed with time … the journey of life … le nirvana sojourn … om shirdi sai ram … om shirdi sai ram … _/\_sachidananda sadhguru : sainath maharaj ki jai _/\_ … om shirdi sai ram … nice happy friday … most devoted … sai ram blessings always … jai jhulelal : younger bro : haresh 🙂 …


      1. This shloka
        is said by Vidura
        (vidura, विदुर)
        to the king Dhṛitarāṣhṭra (dhRitarAShTra, धृतराष्ट्र)
        in Mahābhārata (mahAbhArata, महाभारत)

        Strī Parva (strI parva, स्त्रीपर्व) verse 2.22

        कालः पचति भूतानि, कालः संहरते प्रजाः |
        कालः सुप्तेषु जागर्ति, कालो हि दुरतिक्रमः ||

        kālaḥ pachati bhūtāni, kālaḥ saṃharate prajāḥ |
        kālaḥ supteṣhu jāgarti, kālo hi duratikramaḥ ||

        kAlaH pachati bhUtAni, kAlaH saMharate prajAH |
        kAlaH supteShu jAgarti, kAlo hi duratikramaH ||

        Time devours all things,
        Time kills all that are born.
        Time is awake while all else sleeps,
        Time is insurmountable.
        – Vidura in Mahabharata

        after every yuga …

        & now in … in today’s time …

        after each decade …


        the good glowing petals


        self – earned

        positive blessings

        for the clan / dynasty


        remain forever …



        sai ram

        most grateful blessings always

        sister princess


        om surya e namo namaha

        om surya e namaha

        om surya e namo namaha


        shri ram jai ram jai jai ram

        shri ram jai ram jai jai ram

        shri ram jai ram jai jai ram


        om hanumantaye

        younger bro : h



  2. Well said Divya
    Living in a fake world and forgeting life is what is out forte these days.
    we need to go closer in our being and understand that its more of a pain than happiness and the real happiness is to deal with that pain


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