Kill Cruella!

I have always been rather self destructive. My parents remember this well, when I got myself in trouble when they were in the midst of shouting at my sister for something she had done and I would suddenly point out something I had done which was worse.

But cute as that seemed as I grew older, I got even more destructive. The critical little voice in my head was almost a shout and I was never good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or worthy enough. And so I hurt myself, I had terrible bouts of anxiety and stress. I was depressed at times and was easily swayed into believing that I was lucky to get anything because I obviously didn’t deserve it.

And when I got sick (multiple sclerosis), this became even worse. Now I was living proof of someone who may never be pretty enough, smart enough or worthy of anything- but something switched inside me. I was stuck so long listening to this evil shouting voice, I never took the time to hear the softer, more encouraging voice in my head. And when I did take the time, and since in the hospital ,I did have just time- I started hearing the voice that told me to believe.

It’s the voice that tells you that ‘you can be more, you can do more and that you are better than you think you are.’ It’s the voice that tells you to believe in yourself and that you are ready for the meeting, for the interview and even to take over the world! It’s the voice that tells you that your body- in pain, fit or unfit- is amazing because it’s yours. It’s the voice that tells you every day can be amazing because you are part of it.

And once you listen to this voice , the evil one becomes softer and slowly becomes non existent, if you work hard enough.

Initially and even sometimes now, when I hear Cruella (yup she has a name) popping up with her fears and doubts in me… I loudly proclaim how sure , how positive and how amazing I am so that Miss D (yup she has a name too) gets the strength to go louder than ever!

P.s.(Palat says)-: How successful you are will often be a direct relation to how much you believe in you. Don’t look for the applause from outside. Be proud to be your biggest cheerleader.


Gotta keep moving, Gotta keep dreaming & FLEXI WORK HOURS !

Gotta keep moving…

Gotta keep dreaming.

As the sun scorches us all (and it’s only the first week of May) and 1/2 the year’s gone by quicker than a blink of the eye…it’s easy for the mid year depression to set in! We haven’t reached all the targets that seemed so easy in January and we’re exhausted. The days are longer, but patience shorter. The day’s are sunnier; but people’s attitudes are gloomier. The days are hot and so is everybody’s temperament! The newspapers are the bearers of doom and it’s easy to get sucked in to the mid year slump!

But instead of morning the loss of the last 5 months; let’s make the next seven …amazing! So here’s my technique to

“Get up and Make the Most of the Day (esp the Monday!)

  1. Start the day with some exercise…get an early head start and get some much needed endorphins!
  2. Treat yourself…a cold glass of juice, a smoothie, cold coffee, mango… start the day with something you love!
  3. Get to work and instead of tackling everything head on…. get your bearings… sit…relax… and then LIST OUT WHAT MUST BE DONE.
  4. 90 minutes in to starting your day, take a 10 minute break to drink some coffee, read an article, browse the net… just STOP!
  5. Eat lunch on time. Everything may not be completed by lunch but other people need lunch too- so take a lunch break!!!
  6. After you’ve taken your hour off you should be ready to take the afternoon by storm… Work thru the afternoon systematically stopping only once at about 3:30 for coffee/ tea and biscuits – again a 10 minute break.
  7. End your day on time. If you have a 9-5 job ; end it on time esp on a Monday else the Monday exhaustion taints the entire week ahead! Choose your ‘must work late’ days…and try and avoid 2 days one after the other because that will affect your work on Day 3.
  8. Get home and unwind. Do what makes you happy. Eat early and then spend the evening relaxing, pursuing a hobby or just hanging out with friends! You did a good day. Yay!

Flexi work hours… for me that;s the newest, coolest trend. Work when you have to and finish your job…it’s not about a 9 to 5 anymore it’s an 11-7 or a 9-4 or even a 10am- 1 pm… Companies are starting to realise -it’s not about the time you spend in the office ; it’s about your productivity and if you are more productive at home or in a shorter period of time or in spurts …well then GOOD FOR YOU!

This I think is incredible…I’ve wandered into so many offices , advertising firms, banks, magazine offices where everyone is either gossiping or on facebook….Sure they’ve logged in hours… but are they really being productive? It’s like when you had to attend a lecture in college and you dozed off…. except that’s what they do for the entire work day. Sure there are the one or two Worker bees who are doing all the work and everyone’s work… but they then get exhausted and their productivity can’t be at a high for 12,15 ,19 hours!

Many companies now make the employees set targets on a monday…a big target that must be achieved by week end and smaller targets which must be achieved daily. How you do it is up to you? If you can do it in 5 hours and go home… well then that’s wonderful…If it takes you till 9 pm at night (because of all the Facebook surfing) well then that’s your prerogative too! The targets are approved by the person they report too so it’s not too easy (you can’t just make one call and go home) and they are actual targets. And then you reconvene on Friday to take stock of all that is achieved.

Flexi work hours can be the best things to happen to a company. And it makes you take responsibility and ownership for your work.It kind of makes you , your own boss and trust me…your the toughest boss you’ll ever get !

And now on to making this week amazing…! See you next week

P.s.-: We had a show last week at the NCPA….With the heat playing havoc with my Multiple Sclerosis and me having small but difficult attacks… it was a tough show to run with 30 odd people on stage BUT they were AMAZING and I WAS SO PROUD!

To My Imps… you teach me

I’ve gotta keep moving,

Gotta keep dreaming …. every day!

Seeing you on stage , made yet another dream come true!


One life to live (from my new Times of India Celebrity Blog!)

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There is usually one major reason to die but there are several reasons to live.

This week’s news was filled with suicides and self inflicted deaths. “ I watched for ten hours as he died via Skype!” screamed a headline! Harassment caused another individual to kill himself! And we haven’t even reached exam results time yet…that will be a whole different story! Some people killing themselves when they don’t get the result they expected and yet another entire set of people killing themselves in FEAR of a result!

Life is not a video game. You can’t press re-start and expect to just start over! Our may be a generation that believes in instant success, instant fame and instant money but we are also a generation that needs to understand that unlike 2 minute noodles, life doesn’t always dish out what we expected or even what’s fair!

From personal experiences, I have to say, I was 25 years old, acting in films, doing advertisements and 10 shows or even more a month; and pretty much at the top of my game when I got Acute Disseminated Encyphomyelitis ( a single attack of Multiple Sclerosis) which left me unable to speak, swallow, see and hear from one side and left side paralysed completely. This happened overnight. Life is not always fair! To try and roll over and play dead or actually will myself to die might have been an easier choice but not the right one. Choosing to die doesn’t just destroy your life, it destroys all the lives of those around you and that was something I couldn’t even think of!

When a person dies a natural death , it is terribly painful but something a family knew was inevitable. A natural death is a life passing. A suicide is a life murdered. And it leaves only destruction in its wake. a family grieving, questions unanswered and so much pain- it’s not fair.

Sure the heat is driving us angry, insane and frustrated and sure life doesn’t seem fair right now! But guess what, someone somewhere loves you- you may know them or you may not even have met them yet- but there is someone out there who will make your life worth it and as bad as your life seems now- it will only get better.

I chose life. So should you.

And so when everything’s getting you down- get up, get out and make yourself smile!

Anything from a cold glass of nimbu pani to a movie marathon with a friend! Summer’s here and with it the promise of vacations to exotic lands, sleeping in , sun, surf and beach! So this week was also about planning the perfect summer! Yup- I love my lists and plans …!

And with a weekend that started fashionably with draping of scarves and launching of luxury boats – it looks like summer’s here to put a smile on everyones’ faces and give some a much appreciated break!

So let’s raise a cold glass of cola, cheer for the IPL and plan exotic trips half way across the world!

P.s. (Palat says)-: We have one life to live so let’s LIVE IT!