Treat her like a lady!

Stop wishing me ‘Happy Women’s Day!’ Don’t fill your offices with balloons or give me a free cookie with a cup of coffee! Don’t give me chocolates or roses. Don’t smile at me unnecessarily or create lunches to felicitate me!

Instead treat me as an equal. Treat me with respect. Pay me the same as you would a man for the same job. Do not doubt my commitment to work because I have a family and do not doubt my commitment to my family because I work. Don’t comment on me as if I were an object. You don’t own me . You never will. I own me. Listen to me. Talk to me. Hear me. Believe in me. Fight for me. Love me.

Don’t lust for me. Don’t abuse me. Don’t hurt me. Don’t demean me. Don’t laugh at my dreams. Don’t mock my ambition. Don’t think of me as weaker. Don’t lie to me.

I may not be your sister, your wife, your mother or related to you. But I still am a woman. I am the glue in a family. I am the strength in a home. I can bear your children and raise them with love and care. I create. I nurture. I give love. I give life. I give strength.

So don’t wish me ‘Happy Women’s Day-‘ treat me the way a woman should be treated- with care and love; with respect and awe. Treat me special every day, all the time because I give you the respect of being a man… give me the respect of being a lady!



To the Haters


The growth of twitter and facebook and social networking in general have spawned a new breed of individuals- the HATERS. They are not experts in a discipline. They are not people wanting to critique or learn or create. They just want to destroy, hurt, hate. The hurtful comments are re-tweeted and commented upon by other haters and before you know it opinions are formed by misinformed nobodies whose only claim to fame is that they hate.

This is why I believe FaceBook has a like button because it allows you to ‘LIKE’ something or someone. It fuels a small amount of positivity and I think that’s absolutely fabulous. A smile is better than a frown. A like is better than  a sarcastic comment and a little bit of encouragement goes a long way!

I know that most haters are fueled by the fact that they are blocked or abused by the people they ‘hate’ but I think sometimes that this just spurs them on! Instead of word-wars with these Haters, ignore them! Sure , the comments sting sometimes and their lack of knowledge, information and even common decency is hurtful.

But maybe let’s just take a second and look at the rude  comment and take it as a compliment. You are important enough for someone to hate you. Surely that’s something? In a world of 7 billion people where each life is as important and every minute counts someone is wasting precious time on hating you or pretending to! Instead of the Haters bringing you down , take a moment and realise that someone thinks you’re important enough to spend time over. If imitation is the best form of flattery; in today’s times ‘hate’ is the newest form of respect!

They may love you, hate you- but don’t let them ignore you!