You are a survivor!

People are horrible. They are mean. They make opinions when they don’t know you. They are harsh, self centered, rude and callous. People are horrible. They lie to your face. They forget you. They replace you. They hurt you- knowingly, unknowingly. People are horrible.

But then there are some- a few among a swarm of hundred who accept you for who you are, who like you…maybe even love you.They laugh at the jokes you crack not because they’re good or even funny but because it’ll make you happy. They smile, laugh, hug you. They want to make you happy and they try. They may not succeed all the time but they try. These are the people that are worth calling people- because they are YOUR PEOPLE!

YOU are somebody’s person too- whether you realize it or not. You make someone laugh, someone happy, someone feel special.You make someone’s life worthwhile. You make them a priority even at times forgetting to prioritize yourself.

Life must be about YOUR PEOPLE.

More often than not we listen to the boos from the crowd, the criticism from those who are only critical and the harsh words from the haters. We do not hear the claps from that one person in the crowd who really cares, the person who is on our side- OUR PERSON! And we allow their voice to get drowned out by the boos. We allow their opinions to be stepped over by the haters. We stop listening because what do they really know?

People need people. Even if you’re an island and prefer solo time to talking to people- you need someone on your side …playing for your team. Find your people. Keep your people. Because people need people!

Drown out the haters. We are all survivors. Everyday. Even if we haven’t survived disease, or cheated death- we have each survived venomous hate, pointless anger, hurtful backbiting. We are each survivors.

Good morning. I’m a survivor and I’m proud and rather than spreading hate and anger, I choose to spread love and life.

Make the same choice too!

Have a great week!

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