Traveling Thai!

So we were off to Thailand… on one of our many quick weekend getaways! And though we usually favour Jet Airways because of the timing it arrives into Bangkok (approx 7:30 am) as opposed to the horrendous 5 am landing of Thai Airways, I read about the new Thai Business Class and wanted to see whether this 4 and a half hour journey could be made a bit better with flat beds and comfortable seats. Jet Business is wonderful usually but the seem to keep their older aircrafts with almost no recline specially reserved for the Mumbai- Bangkok sector and I was hoping for a bit of a change!

The Thai Airways website is difficult to navigate(to say the least). It is not user friendly and till recently did not even allow you to really book online in India. The website is still a bit loud and confusing with too many links and options but nothing really working! Still I had made up my mind and we were going to do it!

We entered the flight and were pleasantly surprised… The seats seemed wider than the previous Thai Business and seemed more comfortable than Jet. The leg room was enormous and with a nice new massage function, the chairs seemed to have an almost complete recline(though a touch too diagonal- I’d have preferred the 180 degree flat bed!). Either way I was happy! A warm towel and refreshing glass of orange juice later I was comfortably settled with an iPad and a blanket and ready to take off!

A menu was offered with a selection of cocktails and drinks and even apertifs and cappuccinos – a huge step up and something that Swiss Air Business Class should definitely take note of! In Swiss you can ask for a cappuccino only if there aren’t too many guests in First Class else they apparently can’t get you one else it’s ‘difficult!’… what are they worried about???—Overworking a nespresso machine, or running out of milk? I’m a caffeine addict… hence I was impressed! No fuss- warm coffee- lattes, expressos, cappuccinos…the works!! The menu was tasty and complete- with salads and starters and amuse bouche’s included with wine pairings through the courses.

We were also introduced to the lovely Suda who was in charge of the flight that evening who took it upon herself personally to check with each guest whether all their requests had been met!

Fabulous service, good food and comfortable seats- I reached Mumbai refreshed and ready to take on the world again! Yay!

I must let you in to a bit of a secret though- the local Thai Business flight that we took to Koh Samui…. was EVEN BETTER… with fully reclinable seats and an entertainment menu that actually made me close my iPad and start watching what they were showing on screen… I’m glad the International flights have also been upgraded!

The flight to Mumbai is 4 1/2 hrs but after traveling the new Thai Business Class…I don’t see myself returning to Jet Airways in a hurry!

photo 2


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