Give as good as you get

And the week started like one long Monday… but an amazing one at that… It was pitch week for something, closure week for something else and a shoot for a third all rolled into one!

But it’s when the pedal is to the metal that character truly shines out. Help and support came from some and others succumbed to their true colours which wasn’t exciting, but wasn’t terribly unexpected.

That’s the thing- pressure brings out to the open character traits that previously people can perhaps hide/ lie about. And that’s why I love pressure.

I’ve always believed that in life and in business you get what you pay for. Payment could mean physical cash or even time and focus spent on something. This is true for relationships and for work. and though I have always been the one who gives freely, I now believe in demanding compensation- both in relationships and work.

If you don’t believe you are worth it, no one else can. And honestly the world often beats you down to thinking that it’s doing you a favour. But now at the ripe ol’ age of (hahahah!) me, I’ve learnt that there are no favours and in most people’s lives you are unfortunately just a temporary visitor; I’ve realised I deserve to be given as good as I give. Else, I’ll always be the second option.

My mom always told me, everyone will hire you if you work for free! That applies to relationships as well. Give and give plenty but also enjoy the joys of friendships and relationships and bask in being adored.

P.s.-: I’m getting ready for a mad, mad week. Wish me love, luck and more than a few great new relationships!


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