Love is patient, Love is kind….(or messy and impatient and loud!)

And it’s my favouritest(yes, it could be a word), mushiest day of the year and I love it! I woke up delighted as I do every Valentines day and was showered with puppy kisses and orchids (my favourites) and the day started out just right!

But over the years, I have realised that love is not just about puppy kisses and orchids- much as I’d like it to be just about that… it’s different most of the time and different is good… just different.

Love is loud – it’s waking up in the middle of the night because I have started getting the MS hug just to help me turn while I yell in pain because I am both exhausted and filled with shooting pain!

Love is holding hands while doing different things… me watching TV, Aditya checking football scores- much to my annoyance cos most of the things I force him to watch are mushy shows!

Love is watching action and fantasy films… and not understanding the lack of plot , falling asleep during them and waking up at the end and listening calmly while Aditya drones on about plot points that were just truly nonsensical!

Love is messy fights, it’s weepy make ups, it’s arguing about the colour of a wall for 5 days and then choosing a different colour completely. Love is scary, especially when there are new trip ups MS (multiple sclerosis) gives us, it’s angry and it’s protective…

Love is also whiney (when the gym trainer doesn’t show up and Aditya’s in a cranky mood – cos he woke up too early ) . It’s also learning how to read a mood when you’re almost getting to that mood.

Love is finishing each others thoughts (not just sentences ); it’s knowing each others triggers (and how to effectively use them 🙂 ) and it’s knowing how to make something right… even when everything is wrong.

Love is saying ‘sorry’ a million times, or never apologising. It’s saying ‘I love you’ or not saying it at all… It’s totally personal, completely flawed and yet absolutely perfect.

In a world of hate; it’s important to love and important to be loved.

Happy Valentines Day!

P.s.(Palat says)-: To my forever… I promise you my forever.


4 thoughts on “Love is patient, Love is kind….(or messy and impatient and loud!)

  1. :

    * * * * * * * * *

    * adi and di *

    * are the best *

    * love you both *

    * my sister princess *

    * & *

    * my bro *

    * * * * * * *


    _/\_ ll : sai ram blessings : ll _/\_

    _/\_ ll : hari om : ll _/\_

    _/\_ ll : jai jhulelal : ll _/\_

    * 🙂 * 🙂 * 🙂 * 🙂 * 🙂 * 🙂 *



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