An MS day + Routine = Adventure

And today is an MS (Multiple sclerosis) day and I’m a bundle of tears and pain. It doesn’t help that it’s Monday or that the Oscars are on… during MS days my emotions get crossed so happiness adds to more tears! But like all I have ever known, I must continue. Production meetings mustn’t wait, neither must a days’ schedule, no matter how mundane and ordinary.

And yet amidst all the complaints by body and brain seem to have, I feel safer with people and in a routine.

We all take routine for granted . We complain about routine and the boredom it causes. But there is a comfort of routine when everything else in your life seems to not want to listen to routine at all. When your body is at odds with you, there is comfort in routine and knowing that something moves to plan.

I remember years earlier when Cookie passed away, and I wanted to do nothing more than lie on a bed and howl; I had to turn up to the NCPA for a Festival that I had organised and teach a class and get on stage. The power of routine made me focus on letting my little girl go and forced me to continue to stay in the present.

And so sometimes routine gets a bad name. There is power in consistency and strength in the ability to keep at it, even when all you want is a warm cup o’ soup and a trillion pain killers!

… Apologies on the Friday blog… it’s been a long-ish few weeks and Friday was spent in between sleep and more sleep. I think the MS attack would’ve been worse had I not rested. Right now I’m desperate to go back to Friday, but know that warm soup and production meetings will benefit me in the long run! And either way today’ll be a day I won’t forget!

P.s. (Palat says)-: I’ll be back on Friday…it’ll just be an adventure till then… And what’s life if not with a few adventures!


One thought on “An MS day + Routine = Adventure

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