The moments we make…

And in a blink of an eye we end January…and before we know it the year will be gone too. And so suddenly I realised I was exhausted! I mean mid-year madness , post monsoon and pre vacation exhausted. That’s when I realised that there was no point.

There’s no point in rushing through the year and not enjoying the moments. As much as I was having fun in life and work and at home; if I was too tired to actually fully absorb the moment, what was the point?

Life can’t be a series of races where you just move from point to point to point. There has to be moments in between where you enjoy the achievement, or the moment or just the view and replenish your energy… before you break down completely.

So in between an almost complete break down I stopped.

I went out for an evening with friends just for a few hours, just to laugh, just to enjoy the view. And lo and behold, the world didn’t stop, but my stress did. The evening though just a few hours was long for me and I was tired but I came back less exhausted than I had been in a while. And the next day I was able to write scripts and finish more than I usually could in 2/3 days… because well I was rebooted in a way!

I’m going to try and do that more…

I like the reboot! It’s my version of a personal upgrade!

Here’s to a ‘love’ly February… yes I am that soppy person!

P.s.(Palat says)-: In the end it’ll be the moments that matter and we get so much time in a day… don’t we owe ourselves at least a few moments?


2 thoughts on “The moments we make…

  1. :

    Summer = happy times,

    @utumn brings in

    the sweet sound of wind chimes,

    Spring has a beautiful story to tell,

    Winter @ snowman fluffy swell,

    World’s Best Sister,

    @ll seasons forever,

    liker her blessed excellency

    there can be no other ever …



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