Kiddie Games

And Friday night is Murder Mystery Party night…! Now with the week being one of our longest- 4 shoots, multiple edits, tons of digital work, travel, exercise and pain… it seemed like I’d never finish the 14 scripts for the Party! My mother wondered why I was doing so much for the party… Wouldn’t people just like to chill. And of course the party will primarily focus only on chilling… but with a small mystery game to start with and a few laughs (and drinks) I think we’ll relax a bit more.

Parties for me are mini productions… I love making people happy. I love hosting people at home and I love trying to do just a bit more.. I miss the good ol’ days of birthday parties and silly competitions and I sometimes think that my nonsensical parties keep the kid in me alive. Often it reveals inner kids in friends too! (ha!)

I don’t understand why there is always the hurry to ‘be the grown up.’ I love that I can walk in to a room and chat with someone. I love that I cry when I feel bad and laugh loudly when something is funny. I love the lack of pretence… It keeps me light. It keeps me happy and it keeps me free.

In a world where we are all trying to fake it till we make it, keeping your inner child alive gives you an honesty and self belief that no amount of ‘faking’ can get you. It energises you and allows you an innocence that we lose to disbelief far too early…

So this weekend we put our prejudices and disbeliefs aside and come together for a Bollywood cum Mafia party and dance offbeat and sing off key! We’re becoming kids again albeit for a few hours..and that should be fabulous! Have a great Friday people!

P.s. (Palat says)-: Celebrate life… sometimes the best way is to become a kid again… what say Nivaya!?


One thought on “Kiddie Games

  1. :

    ✨ om shirdi sai ram ✨

    my sis iz world’z bst sis


    most best

    happy friday

    ✨ sai ram blessings ✨


    one fruit & nut

    one cadbury nutties box

    (from quebec canada)


    ✨ @ universe full of ✨

    ✨ teddy blessings ✨

    ✨ for sister princess ✨


    ✨ hari om ✨


    ✨ jai jhulelal ✨


    💐 sai ram 💐

    … bro h …



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