Just another day…

And before you know it… it’s Jan 2 and Jan 3 and suddenly the excitement and the promise of the new year fades in to hangover headaches and blurry photographs… But even as the feeling of positivity fades you can’t help but ask yourself- how is one night so magical? How is it that for one night we all believe that our world will be more amazing, our lives more fulfilled, our days fuller and happier?

And why does that feeling only stay for one night?

Isn’t that a function more of us than of the night… if we can continuously re-invent ourselves- why wait for one night to start a resolution, to start aiming for a dream or to start making more positive life changes?

So this year I won’t just have one new year I plan to have several.

This decade taught me a lot… it helped me settle down but it also made me doubt some of my dreams. With the new year, out came my new diary and with it came new dreams spewing, new ideas brimming… and this year, this day , this decade I’m going to start believing in my dreams again.

Instead of nightly parties, I focussed on smaller parties with people I wanted to share experiences with, wanted to laugh with, wanted to bond with- this year I’m going to focus on more of those too… not just for New Years where I had the perfect night with puppy and husband (yes, in that order!)… I’m going to ensure holidays and nights out are filled with the people I’d like to spend forever with.

Every day I’m going to start with a smile (and then a warm cup of coffee… …)! But first a smile.

We are a product of the world we create…so I am going to visualise and actualise my perfect world… that world may not be perfection to you… but it will be for me… so I’m going to work hard to create it! Not just for one day… but every day… after all even God took 7 days to create this one… I’m spending every day creating my world!

We all say we’ll make each second count but before we know it we’re in the thick of March and taxes and life and we just get bogged down and depressed. Let’s not make a new year about one day… if we look at making each day just a little special even for just a few moments… may be we can have less bad days and more new (year) days!

P.s. (Palat says)-: I write this in my post new year bubble of joy and happiness and am sure the angst of the world will catch up soon enough… but I’m going to write this for the days I need a pick me up- remember a new year starts with perfect ol’ you… so I’m going to enjoy my dreams and work on living a few this year too!


2 thoughts on “Just another day…

  1. ✍

    frm d nw e@r

    n d e@rs 2 cme

    fngrs crxsd

    my sis iz worldz bst sis


    @di ♕ & Di ♔

    r mst noble n kindest 👌

    nce h@ri om blessingz


    ✩ nine st@r c@re ✩

    ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩


    lord jhulel@l blessingz

    @lwayz 4 both

    🎀 unlimited rainbow$ 🌈

    bro : h



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