The Bubble Burst (well… almost)

And exactly as predicted the new year bubble burst mid week in complete exhaustion!

Now don’t get me wrong the week has been amazing- I started the year off with a party on a yacht, with great music and fabulous company, I won an award-Internationally- The Enterprising Woman of The Year Award, and am now deep in planning an incredible trip and I got back to doing all that I love(except the torturous exercise!). But I think Week 1 of the new year is always like a long hangover where you recover from all the parties and the madness and just try and get through the week standing!

And then there was the JNU violence. And opinions were being shared and sides were being taken and a long week seemed to get longer. And here’s my take, violence on students or anyone is unforgivable. Violence begets more violence. Hate begets more hate. And in a world where nature seems to already be at war with us, do we really need to be at war with each other too?

The year has just started and with the drama of the first week, it seems like it’s going to be a dramatic year ahead. But I think we need to take pause. Delhi had rain in January, Australia had the bushfires. We’ve ill-treated nature so much that she’s fighting back and fighting back strong. Maybe we should start focusing on healing her rather than fighting each other. Cos this is a fact- nature can an wipe all of us out… and won’t need to do it one lathi at a time!

P.s.(Palat says)-: I am going to do my bit to try and focus on the larger causes rather than the immediate annoyances… And p.s. smiling first thing in the morning has helped… remember I won an Award!


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