Find your Magic

The puppy party dominated the week. With Magic’s birthday on Saturday , all the planning and energy was reserved for him. Now , those who don’t have dogs will never understand why so much energy is used on what could be seen as a ‘party for dogs.’ But what you don’t get is how important they are.

Magic came to our lives 2 years after Cookie passed away. The 2 years had been lonely at best. Aditya and I talked about work and little else. Our hearts had been broken and seemed beyond repair. We gained bad habits and worse tempers and just seem to continue each day without joy.

We focused selfishly on our individual jobs and lives and we’d grown more distant and disconnected, in a way. We’d done well in our work and in life but I realised that we’d stopped caring. Cookie had taught us too care and love someone just because it was something we could. Her death had hit us both so hard, it seemed we were afraid to share so much of our lives again.

Magic came in, the size of my palm, and without any fear that he’d not fit in our family- he just took it over. Much of our days is still spent fighting over Magic’s love and who he might love more. It never seemed to occur to him to even try winning us over… he won us over as he walked in!

But the real Magic lay not in his name , but in what he did for us. Suddenly we had a new small person to talk about, a confidante, a best friend and a being who would give us unconditional love even when we behaved our worst.

When we fight, he gets scared and we must stop immediately to look after him and so we learned to resolve issues quicker, better and faster. When we come home we’re surrounded by licks and love, no matter how long the day was. And we now have our 5km walk in the morning, where Aditya and I get to chat. The walk is painful for me and my MS issues, but I am addicted to it because we get to just laugh and chat. We get to meet puppies and make new friends. But most importantly the three of us get to connect.

Magic helped me reconnect.

Magic helped me love again, unconditionally. My plans , parties, shoots and even work locations, involve Magic first and then Aditya and last of all me and that’s made me happier and freer.

He notices the subtle change in my tone and jumps on me hugging me when I am down, even when no one else notices or gets it. He’s not about the ‘pretence and showing that he cares’ because he actually does. He doesn’t care if its just me alone- he’ll hug me anyway. He doesn’t wait to tell me how much he loves me- he just does. He needs to sleep cuddled up to me, sit on my lap to see dogs through the car window and argue with me when I’m late for his walk.

He’s honest and pure and perfect and I’m so happy he’s mine.

So yup, it’s been birthday month, with gifts every day and the puppy party will be exhausting and grand and he’ll deserve every second of it.

In a world filled with boring every days and schedules with no respite- some of us are lucky to have a little Magic in our lives.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Do something special today. Find your Magic.



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