Getting off the meds

So I was on anti-depressants… I did not know that, till I completely understood the medicines prescribed. Apparently anti-depressants are great for progressive multiple sclerosis…and minimising the attacks.

Of course the minute I understood the drugs I was taking I stopped them immediately. Even though this may help MS; I was really worried about addiction and side effects. Sure enough, withdrawal was awful. Bad dreams plagued me as did lack of sleep.Lack of sleep was better than the death dreams I got… death dreams being the nicest dreams that I dreamt!

And as the meds left the system, came the low feeling. The gloomy November , crunched in between the Diwali gloriousness and the anticipation of the new year didn’t help any.

How do you feel better when you are stuck feeling like the Happiness Grinch, if that’s a thing!?

So the last week was filled with cutting myself some slack, giving myself a break and just looking after me. We’re often tougher on ourselves than we should be, meaner to ourselves than we need to. We’re not working hard enough, trying enough, doing enough and then we’re not resting enough, not spending time with family/ friends. Anything we do can be turned into the wrong way to do it!

Look for your Happy

Magic’s party was a huge success and his happiness delighted me. The joy of puppies running around a room is incomparable and exhausted though I was hosting 20 + people and puppies… I was delighted!

This week it was a breakfast date with the husband.. I’m looking to be happy. And that way I am more positive and ensure those around me are happy too!


Smile. The first thing you wake up… smile… it sets a good feeling in order for the day. Even if you are exhausted , which I always am at 5:30 am. or in pain… another delightful fact- smile! It starts the day a whole lot better!

Change it Up

We all get caught up in the gloom… Shock your system. Change it up. From date brekkies, to mid week movies to even a new start with power plate fitness- I’m too exhausted to focus on the gloom!

Plan the vacay!

From #ParentTrap2020 to easter next year, to the birthday… sometimes window shopping for trips and even planning a few can take you in to the best happy high you can get.

Exhaust yourself

Every day ,I’m exhausted! I’ve filled my day with fun, family and newness and I’m ready for a good night minus the dreams and feel good knowing that I’ve done all that I can in the day!

P.s. (Palat says)-: Life is about looking after yourself… self care goes a long way in not just making yourself happy but allowing you to look after those you love too!


4 thoughts on “Getting off the meds

  1. :

    hari om


    please maintain

    regular check ups


    regular medicine care



    you will get

    one cadbury fruit & nut …

    one toblerone …

    one box ferrero rocher …


    nice get well soon greetings


    speedie reco blessed sister princess


    sai ram blessings always

    om : bro h



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