Death Happened

And so he died. He walked his usual morning walk, sat down perhaps a bit out of breath and died.Since he died, resting at a bus stop, daily travellers saw him. People gathered and whispers began. The police came. And all this before it was 7 am.

Crowds and strangers knew before his family did.

Who called the cops? The street cleaner- she had seen the man sit down and then she saw him die. She called the cops because she knew his walk routine.

It hit me then- more so because I had just finished my ‘routine’ walk. Is that what we do every day? We wake up, follow a routine and then fall asleep and then wake up and do the darn thing again? And then die.

Sure may be the over exercise has made me more fatalistic than usual. Or more tired. And the gloomy November coupled with pain doesn’t help, but that scared me!

We live one life. We know this. And we know every day is a gift. Yet we seem to just be content doing the same thing every day. And then before you realise it we’re done.

So this week was about celebrating the ‘un-schedule.’ Sure, we did the ridiculous exercise every day and the spinning- but we also did a #DateBreakfast ,a #MidweekMovie, a card game evening, a shopping afternoon, a girls dinner and a trip to Alibag…

The week was longer than it should have been but way more memorable. I shocked my routine, surprised my self doing more things in a day than I thought possible- but it was amazing.

I always said I will not die until I live and somewhere along the way somehow even the crazy, psychotic me, lost my madness in routine. And I guess death was a big wake up call for me. Thank you Unknown Man, you made me value my day a lot more.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Re look at your life… it shouldn’t be a movie you are bored of. It should have all the masala and romance of your favourite film. After all , here you are the star.


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