The Doc’s appointment was not the easy, breezy, smooth sailing Friday evening I expected… Instead I was given a scary fact check and reminded that despite the fact that I take my illness (Multiple sclerosis) rather lightly, it is a serious illness and I will need to start taking more care of me.

And so I did, what else, but go out on Friday night and just had fun!

We celebrate all our wins and achievements but more often than not, we don’t celebrate sorrows or losses. I am not in the habit of celebrating just the wins… I learnt a long time ago that life happens when you least expect it and we might as well celebrate everything- the highs and the lows because it’s all part of the ride of life.

Much like a roller coaster where you are waiting for the high you get on the drop, you enjoy the anticipation of the climb as well – such is life. For every low, you will have a high… but just celebrating the highs make the lows seem lower and the highs seem higher and in my mind that doesn’t add up.

It seems easier to say than to put in practise but try this in your life once and you’ll find the bad day becomes a whole lot better… and I like better days , good days and great days…! I mean, who doesn’t.

P.s. (Palat says)-: A bad day is just a day… and tomorrow can always be bright , sunny and amazing. So if we focus on the happy… the happy focusses on us!


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