Where Am I now?

So yesterday while watching the deviously delightful ‘Lucifer’ on Netflix I asked the husband the existential question- “do you think God has a plan for all of us…” He answered in the affirmative- more of a grunt, because I had obviously disturbed his ‘serial-watching- while reading football news on twitter’ evening with a far too serious question…

That got me thinking- not about the highly distracted way my husband watches Tv, but if there is really a plan; then are we really at the place where supposed to be?

I wondered , whether I should be or could be doing more?

Should I be richer, smarted, stronger, fitter?

Should I have made better choices, better friends, better decisions?

Are any of those choices actually in my own hands?

Taking a few seconds, I rethought my whole life and all the ‘choices’ I had made and wondered if I’d do it all differently.

Maybe I would.

But then again, understanding that I am a product of all those choices; and I have had an interesting full life- full of love and drama, pain and joy, happiness and sorrow – I realised that it’s been a good journey… I mean , if my life were a film; I think we’d have quite a good audience including me…

So if God truly does have a plan for all of us then he’s a pretty great script writer… because he ensures that no 2 scripts (lives) are the same…

Also it seems a comforting feeling to know that, even when I’m a bit lost; someone knows the way home for me…


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