Second wind!

And before you realise it, you’re already in the middle of the first month… New year is over. The lovely bubble of the Christmas season has burst and you’re already bogged down with the routine, you swore you’d never go back to!

New year resolutions are finding their way back in to the box they came in and the enthusiasm for the new year and the new start you swore you’d have is quickly fizzling out!

Now is where you need that second wind and so this week is going to be where I re-plan my year, re-get my enthusiasm back (even if it’s a bit forced) and give my self a break! The year’s started and this is a marathon… not a sprint… so I’m going to have to keep pacing myself, if I want this year to matter!

There is so much of my life , I don’t recall prior to my illness. There is so much of my life I wish I could have spent more time on being happy about…

Today is a day that you can choose what you do with! Much like choosing ice cream, I can choose the flavour my day takes on and just knowing that gives me the power to do another week!

P.s-: the ridiculous food plan is in Week 3 and I’m seeming healthier (so that’s a win!

Let’s win this week!


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