To a Happy Vishu and to new beginnings!


So the night ended late with Vishukkani (the first things you must see on Vishu morning) being set up by me. Vishukkani literally translated is the first things you must see on Vishu morning) These are a collection of auspicious things and special things you want the year to be full of! So it is an exciting, wonderful and fabulous collection of flowers, work materials, new clothes, rice,fruit, vegetables, gold,silver and special mementos with lots of meaning. I set this up late in the night and the next morning before sunrise wake up and hope to open my eyes and see God and all these wonderful offerings as an auspicious start to my new year! I light the lamps and say my prayers and pray that the year to come will bring all my dreams to fruition!

After this I wake Aditya up and keep his eyes covered or shut and take him into the Puja (Prayer) room and have him open his eyes in front of God and he now says his prayers touching each object and then touching his head asking God to bless the object and him.

Then the 2 of us wake our sleeping puppy Cookie and she sits with us and marvels at the decorations and the flowers and while she prays (for us, because she’s just that kind of girl0; we pray for her and thank God she came in to our lives!

To new beginnings and scaling greater heights- HAPPY VISHU ALL!

Puppy prayers


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