To My Bullies…

And the city was rocked when a promising young Doctor took her life because of harassment and bullying by her fellow seniors. It put into perspective the fact that bullying was something that was accepted. People had seen her being bullied but nothing had been done. If it doesn’t happen to you- we adopt the ostrich mentality- we don’t see it!

And these bullies cost her what could have been a fabulously successful career, a happy marriage and a wonderful life.

We shame them now on social media and in the papers but it’s too little too late. When we see bullying we more often than not turn a blind eye to the issue unless the issue is us.

And then there’s the hidden bullying- the trolling where faceless , nameless bullies feel it’s okay to shame you. And we can all pretend that these people are cowards and that their words don’t sting- but truth be told-we might all have a witty , caustic reply- but to put it plainly- it’s just mean. It’s mean to bully. It’s mean to gang up on people. It’s not just cowardice. It’s downright nasty!

And is that who we’ve become? Are we so dissatisfied with our lives that we think it’s okay to hurt others? Are we that full of ourselves that we think it’s okay to critique others? Are we that hurtful, prideful and egotistical?

So here’s to all my bullies, I didn’t say anything then and it’s taken me time-but I now have my answer-:

  1. To those who pulled my pigtails and made fun of my plaits- my hair is even cooler now because I looked after it then! Most of you have lost hair or have none. Guess it isn’t so funny now?
  2. To those who called me a nerd- I was a nerd. Still am. Nerds are cool. I own it! It also helped me get admission at Stanford and more than a few Ivy Leagues- so ….
  3. To those who made fun of my crushes and teased me, it’s because I was open to love that I found love.
  4. To those who mocked my choice of profession – I get to wake up and do something I love every day. How many of us are actually that lucky?
  5. To those who made fun of me and how I look post my illness- I was left side paralysed after my first multiple sclerosis attack and have a brain tumour and I still do more than most. And am hotter than most- still.
  6. To the “fan” who wrote to me last week criticising and taunting me for looking different from my 17 year old self…. well you probably look a heck of a lot different from yourself 20 odd years ago…. and well read Point 5!

I didn’t get to sit with the cool kids then. I got bullied and laughed at. It hurt then. And often , when idiots like my “fan” wrote, it hurt now. I’d like to believe that I am stronger for the bullying- but honestly I’m just a little more jaded, a little more complex, a little less trusting, a lot less nice.

I’ve now rid myself of most of the complexes and I hope one day I and we can all rid ourselves from the bullies.

I forgive myself for hurting. One day I hope to forgive you.

But most of all I know that I will never be a bully and most importantly if I see someone being bullied, I promise myself- today and forever- I will stop it.

P.s. (Palat says)-: Don’t mourn my obituary. Make a difference to my life while I’m alive.


Mumbai can’t keep bouncing back! IT’S NOT A BALL!!!!!!


Yesterday’s blasts were a familiar reminder of the tears and horror that Mumbai is systematically put through almost as a sad reminder every 2/ 3 years! We call the city, ‘Ma’ (mother) and ‘Devi’ (Goddess) and yet we allow terror to rape her heartlessly and brutally repeatedly again and again and again!!!!

And sure the ‘ SPIRIT’ of Mumbai will return. people will go back to work, because we still have to earn. Schools will re-open cos children still have to learn and politicians will express outrage because they STILL have to be voted in to power! For how long????!!! Why must we continually hide behind the shield of the ‘ SPIRIT OF MUMBAI?’ How long must we abuse this spirit, must we debase and defile this spirit before WE AS A CITY FINALLY FEEL WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!!


No other city continuously allows herself to be ravaged over and over again without someone at the top taking charge, taking a stance and making a difference!

1300 registered rape cases in Maharashtra in the last 3 months, 1 broad daylight killing and 3 BOMB BLASTS- what more do we need to show up the ineffectuality of the current government and police system!!!???

THERE IS NO POINT OF CANDLELIGHT MARCHES and VIGILS. Those that have left us- our prayers and outrage cannot help them now.

What we can do is demand justice, demand a change and instead of allowing terrorists to celebrate Ajmal Kasab’s birthday yesterday with bomb blasts- finally lets give the 26/11 victims justice and LET’S DEMAND JUSTICE and ACTION for those lives so brutally shattered on 13/7/2011.

This morning as the rain pours , it’s like the heaven’s themselves are weeping over the innocence lost in a city last night… Let’s wipe our tears and kill corruption and terror with one blow. This is the only time ‘killing’ is justified!