I’m Too Old for This S%^&!

‘Too old for that s^&t!’ I keep exclaiming.(Excuse the expletives Ma!). But I’ve realised that nowadays my propensity for rubbish – notice I didn’t use the bull$%^ word Ma; has reduced greatly. Been there, done that. Listened to the excuses before, the reasons why payments get delayed, the questionable ways of making money under the table etc. and I guess the newness of the deceitfulness has ended and the amazement and shock of people always trying to pull a fast one on you has faded. I can now call it, get annoyed and get out all in no time at all leaving very few war wounds, except for a terrible migraine!

But as you get older , you realise that much as you don’t have brain space or time to waste on this ; you find time to truly devote to what’s important. You find time to reconnect with family, make friends, find time to spend with them and discover what you want to devote time to. And that has really been a blessing. Because I’ve realised that the annoyance is like static on a TV set- you can either keep watching and feel sick and bored and fed up or you can just change the channel!

This week has been about changing channels…. it’s been about spending time with the family. It’s been about re-learning what’s new with the husband and parents and blocking all the noise for sun , sea and Vitamin D.

And to tell you the truth, much as I love all the drama my life holds; sometimes lying on a beach watching just the waves lap the shore almost in a continuous beat is the most satisfying way to spend a day… I’ll never be too old for that! ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

P.s. (Palat says)-: Call out the rubbish. You should never suffer lies or fools. You deserve better. And in turn don’t lie or be foolish… That’s only fair!


2 thoughts on “I’m Too Old for This S%^&!

  1. :

    โœŒ peace โœŒ love โœŒ glory

    ๐Ÿ’™ Japanese Buddhism ๐Ÿ’™

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo ๅ—็„กๅฆ™ๆณ•่“ฎ่ฏๆ•™

    is a phrase which was expounded

    by a 13th century Japanese Buddhist

    monk called Nichiren

    โœŒ peace โœŒ love โœŒ glory


    happy breakfasting sweet sister princess dearest blessed … ๐Ÿ’


    The chant translates to somewhere between

    โ€œI devote myself to the Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutraโ€,

    or the more traditional

    The Wonderful Dharma of the Lotus Flower Teaching


    Om Mani Padme Hum ๅ”ตๅ˜›ๅ‘ขๅญๅ’ชๅฝ

    The first word Aum/Om

    is a sacred syllable

    The word Mani means “jewel” or “bead”,

    Padme is the “lotus flower”

    (the Buddhist sacred flower),

    and Hum represents the spirit of enlightenment



    i don’t know anything …

    my sister princess …

    is world’s best sister …

    ๐Ÿ•‰ happy

    ๐Ÿ•‰ happier

    ๐Ÿ•‰ happiest

    ๐Ÿ•‰ G A N E S H A


    ๐ŸŽ happy friday SHIRDI SAI BLESSINGS too ๐ŸŽ

    โœŒ peace โœŒ love โœŒ glory




    Amen Ve Amen



  2. :


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