Liar, liar..

So the husband (I remain undecided on the use of his name on the blog, basis of my mood and what the blog is about); decided to discuss lying…

I am completely opposed to a lie. I’d rather not say something if I have nothing nice to say… but I try never to tell a lie.

This my husband seemed to feel is a rather idealistic and difficult to achieve goal. I guess when a woman asks ‘ Do I look good in this?’ or ‘Does this make me look fat/ bad?’- I guess many men will take the white lie way out… It keeps the peace and I’m sure saves countless sleepless nights on the couch for many men.

But then where does the ‘white’ lie end? My husband seemed to think that if a lie didn’t hurt someone or even made them feel better, is that so wrong? I was divided. Of course I want people to feel good about themselves , but to feel good basis a lie? Wouldn’t you feel worse when you found out the truth?

So then I started looking around…

In a world of filtered photographs and edited stories… wasn’t I being a little sanctimonious… I mean weren’t they all just ‘white’ lies… Wasn’t the truth touched up, just a little bit to make it seem better?

And if that seemed okay.. well who was I to judge- especially if I used my own filters!

But even after much debate and argument (mostly internal) and realising that between the two of us, he is infinitely more liked and I , more blunt; I figured I’m going to keep doing things my way. Tell the truth or shut up. And, if I have nothing nice to say, zip it! This may not make me more popular… but filters should stay on photographs not in real life!

On a separate note-: he promises to tell me what he truthfully thinks of my outfits et all… so that’s a question I’d better not ask!

P.s. (Palat says)-: His popularity and my anonymity and his kindness and my bluntness… when they say opposites attract; someone up there used us as the Case studies! See you MONDAY!


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