So the last few days I have been thinking about so many things…top of the list– achievements and what do they mean? What is an achievement ? Does the finish line keep going further and further away … or at one point do you look back and say… “I did that!”

Is the joy in the journey of the achievement or is their joy in the actual action of it? And must we look at the different levels as we achieve them and cross them and savour those moments too…

When chatting with a group of fabulous achievers, we got to sharing war stories… What we’d done, how we’d done it and what the journey taught us… It was when reminiscing, I was so proud to be able to look back and some of the things in my rear view mirror and just enjoy the accomplishment! I realised more often than not, we move from target to target; goal to goal- we never really savour the feeling of having reached somewhere. I also learned that in all the madness and the drama of the continuous need to achieve , may be it isn’t so bad to stop and be proud of how far we’ve come and what we’ve done!

I’ll keep on aiming for new heights, keep on traveling through uncharted territories, keep on pushing myself to be more, do more, seek more- but through this conversation, I was proud to have felt that some of my goals, had been crossed, achieved and crushed! And I made it! Not all of it! But some things have been achieved and I did it! Yay me!


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