You don’t do my life and I don’t do yours. Really?


So over the last few months I’ve become acutely aware of how similar , yet completely different each one of us is! Each of has our own drama, our own stresses and our own life story, completely unique but to listen to someone elses’ drama , you realise that you are not alone… the similarities, the tensions, the worries and the joys for each one of us is so intricate, unique and yet so inter-related it’s almost laughable.

Each one of us deserves empathy.

The stressed out over achiever is probably living out someone elses’ dreams. The hypochondriac may seek attention/ love which they are not getting elsewhere. The alcoholic/ over eater might be dealing with pain/ stress / sadness/ depression…. you never know till you listen…

We all go thru life alone… but when you start looking around, listening or feeling you’ll realise we all have more in common than we realise.

It’s been a long , cranky Wednesday for me… But then it’s been no walk in the park for a lot of you either I’m sure! Don’t worry! It’ll get better… I believe… so in the spirit of this post, I guess, so should you!



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