The Devil Inside

The Devil gets a bad rep from us all the time… whenever we are thinking of something bad to do we’re consistently blaming it on the red man on our shoulder with horns not realising that there is no red man on our shoulder… and that there voice goading us on is just our own!

That’s the thing with bad habits and broken resolutions… we can make as many excuses as we like but eventually it’s up to us to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions.

To make a change, any change, we have to start with being accountable to continue keeping on the path of change.

I have never been a 5 am girl. Late night work, late snacks, long evenings… that’s always been my thing. But in my effort to get fitter, feel better over the last 6 months it’s been a 5 am wake up call and 2 hrs of exercise.

Needless to say there have been so many excuses not to wake up and so many complaints from my joints, my body and my brain. But there’s been just one excuse to get up- better health= better me!

A friend called up in December and rued… every night had been long nights- he was just not feeling fit any more! Can’t run. Just so exhausted – he needed a drink every night to crash. Didn’t I? It had been a hectic few months for me and excuses to stop my routine and pretend that giving in to bad habits was temporary and something ‘I had no choice in.’ But the truth of life is – we always have a choice. More often than not one choice is much easier and offers little or no effort- to give in to your weaknesses, to pamper your cravings, to feed the beast- but the more difficult choice is usually to do the right thing- the thing the inner voice inside us constantly pushes and who we try to drown out with our bad habits. And though that voice goes softer and softer but it never truly goes away…

So I held strong in December and I keep holding strong though on certain days I have to say my resolve is weak. I’d like to sleep in, I want cake and I could do with a definite break in my God awful exercise routine- but then again I make a conscious choice , albeit a difficult one- Will the Devil be my slave ? Or would I rather be a slave to him?

And truth be told- I’m nobody’s slave!

P.s. (Palat says)-: The Devil’s not an evil man with red horns.. more often than not it’s the face in the mirror staring right at us ! I’m gonna keep my inner Devil reserved for costume parties and Halloween!


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