The Great GIVE UP

And so the last week of January draws up and before you know it all the ‘new puppy feeling’ of 2019 has gone and it’s been replaced by -‘oh my God , it’s another year!’ This was never seen more clearly when we walked in to an almost empty gym realising that a whole bunch of resolutions had been broken and more than a few gym memberships would now go in to storage!

How do you keep going on… when everything inside you is ready to shut shop and sleep ? Or how do you continue a day’s drudgery when you are dreaming of a vacation, a new adventure or even just a change!

My theory is that we should take each day as a separate item- something with a beginning, middle and end. By making it part of the larger year, or even our larger life- it’s just a drop in the ocean but if that day can be all you are focussing on then the morning could be filled with the excitement of January; lunch could be filled with gossip and the chatter of a May summer vacation and the end of the day can be filled with candle light and warmth of December… And you can go thru all these emotions and feelings within just a single day.

We choose to get overwhelmed by the magnitude of life.

We choose to just slot each day in a matchbox and forget about it’s sameness.

We choose to not focus on the moment but instead plan for a future that may or may not happen.

It’s up to us to change our choices.

To most of us, a day is just a dozen meetings.

This week , I made a meeting more than that.

At a script narration, I chose to be in that space at that time. The discussion was riveting. The people were curious , questioning and interesting. I was focused , in the moment and alive and I remember every second of it.

It wasn’t just another meeting… it was almost tangible and how can you give up on experiences like that!

Life is a bunch of experiences. We can choose to be passive watchers as the roller coaster rides by or we can get on and enjoy the ride. I , for one, have always said yes to rollercoasters!

P.s. (Palat says)-: A lot of what I write is therapeutic for me – at that time, on that day. So I’m so glad that people are connecting. We’re all in this journey together… it’s important to learn on the way! Henceforth however this will be a FRIDAY BLOG only…as now my writing skills have been called on by a few content hubs and brands… so lots of writing, lots of opinions, lots of stories and hopefully lots of luck! SEE YOU FRIDAY!


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