She died.

And she just died.

I read a post yesterday where a girl I knew posted on Instagram that she was on her deathbed and a few hours later she was dead.

I had not met her for a few years but I had been aware of the work she was doing and she was doing well. She seemed happy and with so much to live for. That’s the thing with social media… we only see what others want us to see. This is more often than not a version of a life that’s way more rosy and picture perfect than it actually is.

And in between all the happy posts and the video shares and comments… In between all she wanted us to see, she didn’t post about her getting sick or her cancer.

She just posted her final hours and she just died.

A deep dive into social media, I realised she’d found out a short while ago… just basis the fact that she stopped posting photographs and started posting throwbacks. A strong, fiery girl, I’m sure she fought till the very end like a star. Never asking or needing pity or unnecessary kindness she handled this dreaded disease bravely!

But then it took her and she just died.

It made me so acutely aware of how transient life is. We’re always planning for the next big thing, we’re waiting for something, wanting for something… never really content but this could all be over in a second ! All of it, all that we are, is so temporary and could change in a flash of a second. In times like these I have never been more aware of this- our mortality.

If we wake up every day…it’s a good day. If we wake up every day healthy… it’s a great day!

It’s hard that it takes deaths, suicides and pandemics to put these things into perspective sometimes.

P.s.(Palat says)-: This shook me to my very core. An Instagram post saying you are dying and to pray… is the hardest to read and also the most sobering. Wishing her family strength and her a blessed afterlife.


2 thoughts on “She died.

  1. :

    om namah shivaya

    nice monday blessings

    for my sister princess

    and aadi …


    prayers for the blessed departed



    from everything


    it is most important

    that my sister princess

    takes regular best care


    her health


    and sees a nice beautiful pleasant

    life … far from any type of sorrow …


    nice om shirdi sai ram blessings

    nice lord jhulelal blessings

    om hanumantaye blessings



    nice hot cup of milk coffee

    with cashew cookies

    & baked unsalted whole grain chips


    lots of love for the entire clan

    may each day bring … good news of happiness

    may each sunrise … bring marvels of wonder & care


    sai ram : sai ram : sai ram

    bro h



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