Monetizing the #MeToo movement


There must be a special place in hell for those who not only stamp all over the #MeToo movement , but think it’s okay to monetise it!

It wasn’t just a movement … #MeToo was a cry for help, for acknowledgement, for people to take responsibility for their boorish, lecherous and downright despicable behaviour!

But much like things that take time, work, patience and see-through- we too got bored once the gossip faded away and left our very strong ‘victims’ (I use this in inverted commas because they are heroes, for telling their stories) to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives and move on.

In most cases (not all) no help or support was even given to the ‘victims’, in fact they were trolled incessantly, threatened in person and online and used as click-bait for publications who wanted to score a messier detail or a more sordid story. But whereas in most cases the media was clearly on the ‘victim’s’ side they eventually stopped fighting for them, because of stronger spends by richer predators or just because the world continued moving , as did news, and well, these stories were clearly not progressing.

So just as these horrors became yesterday’s news (quite literally); you now see the arrival of the ‘liberators’ of the ‘predators!’ These are the people determined to change the news cycle and ensure that these predatory crapholes get a new lease of life… They’ll put them back in to a position of power , because well their reputation has been ‘ruined.’ Forget about the scores of ‘victims’ they abused, molested or even raped! Surely ‘these people’ need to be allowed to come back to society.

And so I question -why!?

Why should they not be punished? Why should I welcome or even care about them? Why should I allow their hideous bodies to crawl out of the hole they have been hiding in… and more importantly- who am I to allow them to do any of this!!!??????

If a thief steals from you- he goes to prison- that’s his rehabilitation.

If a rapist rapes- he’s in prison or hung.

These people got away with stealing self worth, molestation and rape so many times and there are people who are concerned that a 5 week break from civilised society has been too hard on them!!!!!!!


Maybe the #MeToo stories have stopped for now. But let’s not make a mockery of something that should be basic to any society.

Let’s uphold some of the ‘victim’s’ dignity.

After all it may be ‘#YouToo’ next. And wouldn’t you hope for the perpetrators to at least be held accountable!

They can’t take back what they did. But let’s not throw away basic accountability!




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