To sum 2018 up in a post would be impossible… the year had so much happening… it was often hard to comprehend all that happened in a week , forget in a year.

Lessons were taught. Lessons were learnt. Wins were savoured and enjoyed. Losses were analysed and made peace with. And days rolled on faster than they had ever rolled on before!

But if I were to take away one thing from 2018 is that this year I learnt to be grateful. Grateful for all I have been given, grateful for all I was getting, about to receive and even the things I didn’t receive. I was grateful to be in a position to be allowed to win, allowed to lose, and allowed, just to compete.

And as I saw the wins the Universe gave me and stopped comparing the wins of others with my life ; I realised I could keep getting and keep winning and most of all keep enjoying the journey.

More often than not, it’s not that life is a rat race; it’s that we pretend that we are rats! We’re not. The race isn’t hard if you are just racing or in my case taking a brisk walk with yourself, rather than looking over your shoulder and checking what everyone else is up to!

I’m not saying losses won‘t be hard and life will be easy… all I’m saying is that now I look upon things as opportunities and sure, you might miss a few, but the fact is you get the chance to learn something from everything and everyone and that is something you must be grateful for.

So to those who loved me and those who couldn’t- thank you- I learnt something from both of you!

For the jobs I won and those that slipped by- thank you… for considering me, for working or not working with me and for teaching me.

And to the new friends I made and those that I lost- I get/ got to learn something from each of you every day. Thank you for making me more social, kinder and more blunt (if that were even possible).

2018 has been about a lot of lessons- and I promise to keep on actively learning!

See you in the new…


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