Making Monday not MournDay!

Ok so I HATE MONDAY MORNINGS! I mean I start stressing on Sunday night about the week that’s about to happen…not that the week isn’t totally exciting, glorious and fun…I’m the eternal stressed and so I stress!

This morning was particularly hard! There was too much to do and too little time- scripts to finalise, meetings to attend, chores to complete at home and to finish assignments for two online courses that i had signed up for (like I don’t have enough on my plate already)!

So in between my dialogues with God (my prayers) I was trying to sort out all the hundred things that needed to be done urgently and then I had / God gave me a much simpler plan! i have almost finished everything i needed to today and this is how I did it!

  1. I made a list! Often we think there are more things we have to do but when you write them down…it isn’t that many or that scary!
  2. I started early and started positive!
  3. I took a mid morning break to coffee and to just breathe!
  4. I focussed on single-tasking as opposed to multi-tasking like I always do. that way I have completed 5 jobs fully rather than 30 %  of 7 jobs!
  5. Take your lunch break. It’s not productive to not get up and to just keep working…that’s where the errors start! So take your breaks and come back more refreshed and ready to work more!
  6. Treat yourself after you complete your tasks. Whether it’s taking a walk outside, a cup of coffee or updating a facebook status- reward yourself! The more tasks completed …the more rewards!
  7. Celebrate Monday evenings! Why just celebrate Fridays…? Do a movie, meet with friends or go on a drive…the week is long but life is short so go out there and make Monday evenings a celebration of completing your Monday!


Write in…tell me what you think or what peps you up every Monday and do also check out my new Luxury travel Blog


2 thoughts on “Making Monday not MournDay!

  1. Good one!!! Lot of people(I mean everyone) need a boost to wake up(Yawnnnnnnnn) without MONDAY blues{Damn it! Not again :'(}

    At my place we sing on Mondays “Duniya ka nara, Jamey Raho!!!!!!”


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