Living, loving, breathing!


In this busy,busy world of deadlines and time sensitive jobs , where work is more important than family in most occasions ; these short trips give you a time to reconnect to what’s really important.

Why are you working so hard …if its not for those you live and care about?
What’s the point of a promotion if no one can celebrate with you or a great raise with no one to buy anything for or share it with?

This weekend is about re connecting,re caring and seeing how small we are in the larger picture of life!!!

I mean sure we are all heroes in our own life story but did you ever stop and think that the world is so much larger than just you? Life has so many wonders, nature has so much beauty, the world is so much bigger than just you.

When you stop making your problems the biggest in the world and stop seeing your hurdles as insurmountable and see how tiny you are in the larger scheme of things…the lightness that you feel is unreal!

For the first time in 3 months , I’ve slept like an angel…. And God I feel alive!!!


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