Absolute Power Farce- News and Social media!

And the week was a sapping week… The lack of sunshine didn’t really help the mood. We had London weather, without any of the cool breezes or nips in the air. It didn’t help that the MS pain is returning ever so gradually warning me with new pains in areas that I didn’t think could feel pain in and some I’d actually never given a second thought to.

And then there was the news or what I now masquerades as the news. It is however now no more than a bunch of people shouting as loudly as they can, listening to nothing but the sound of their own voice and doing this on repeat! Every channel, every ‘debate’ eventually disintegrates to a contest of ‘who has the loudest voice?’

And what is lost- is quite simply the news.

The news is supposed to be about facts reported almost dispassionately, allowing a watcher to be challenged to think, to form opinions and to be informed. What we now have is a market place of screaming individuals whose opinions actually do not and should not matter. I , as a viewer would like to think on my own, make up my own mind and form my own opinions- but apparently that’s definitely not entertaining enough. A news program begins calmly, immediately moves in to a bout of shouting and then ends and we start the farce all over again!

And then there’s the joy of social ‘media’ where everyone now feels that they too are the media and whether they make it to TV is not the point, they will broadcast their opinions whether or not they are fact based. They will sensationalise. They will troll. And they will do whatever it takes to gain more eyeballs.

Today’s news and social media is not about reporting the news – it’s like a boxing match except here there are no winners.

The truth gets lost. Facts get destroyed and lives are shattered. Legality and illegality don’t come in to the mix. We the audience are the judge, jury and executioner and that’s far too much power. As they say ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely.’

P.s.(Palat says)-: In between all the negativity and shouting, remember to take a moment to listen to that inner voice of yours…you’ll be surprised at the calm you feel


2 thoughts on “Absolute Power Farce- News and Social media!

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