Everybody needs a friend


When we’re young friendship is easy….it’s who you share lunch with, who you share a seat with, who gave you a chocolate or their treats… it’s simple! We make friends easily and adapt easily. Our likes and dislikes are still being formed… we’re still learning who we are. And then we become teenagers and we seem to be more cliquish… we have more hates than likes but we still manage to find our own! Lost in a crowd of young adults all filled with angst, passion and hormones…we still manage to find people similar to us.

And then we grow up.

And making friends isn’t that easy anymore. People are hard and judgmental and focused on themselves and all they seem to do is disappoint.

And when you become a couple…that’s when it’s even harder. You must like them but then so must he… and isn’t it better to have couple friends? And what happens to those who were just your friends or just his… what’s the equation now?

What I’ve realised is… just don’t grow up… Keep your friends. Keep his friends and don’t be afraid to go up to someone new and say “Hi… I’m_______” From being a person who had a friend or maybe 2… I’ve learnt that just like a child in a play ground or a lost geek (which I was) in college – every one around is still trying to form relationships and friendships…we’re all looking for a connection. They don’t have to be your best friends overnight or become your closest confidantes but they can be people who you can just hang out with, grab a bite with or go to a movie with! Because just like in school when best friends changed as we grew older, some times the people you think will stay with you all along may drop off on the way and you might find you need to find another friend…so instead of trying to fill that gap when there’d be no one there-cultivate your friendships, let them breathe and grow and maybe you can have a best friend and then a best, best friend ! :)!


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