I want to!

We have sooooo many wants or at least that’s what we think…! And there never seems enough time to do any of it… (especially on those God awful Monday mornings!) But if you were to put all your wants in a list…you might find there are not that many wants after all..! Write a list of your long term goals…!

Let’s try (in random order) -:

  1. I want to travel the world!
  2. I want to open a restaurant!
  3. I want to make a film!
  4. I want to but a penthouse in NYC!

Ok…crazy…but what the heck! You live once!

Now write a list of one thing you can do to make one wish seem a little closer…!

Less hard right?


So this Monday dream big, work smart! And make the unreal dreams become reasonable realities!

Write in your list of WANTS! Maybe I can help with some of them…or may be you can help or even add to mine ;)!



2 thoughts on “I want to!

  1. I do have a wish list too …Thought I was the only on who keeps that list…Happy to see some one talking about it..



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