Jet lagging and CSIA woes!

So you know the feeling you get when you think after a vacation…you simply want another vacation to recover ! Well I don’t have that feeling! I simply almost never want to come back! Not that I hate the trip back to reality….my life is great…but with the welcome home you get to the city…you simply want to run away!

Our International Airport in it’s recently upgraded avatar is still possibly the WORST INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS EVER!

Forget the fact that we walked on the tarmac to get a bus!?! …no aerobridge YET; and then even forget the fact that you then have to walk a couple of kilometers in long ,ugly,chillingly cold corridors- you are then greeted with swarms of hungry mosquitos! Once you then get past immigration , you are in for another treat….more walking , to the conveyor belts which start late and then stop for no reason at all for minutes on end till some wise baggage handler says…. ” check karma chahiye, na” to another equally bored fellow baggage handler!

The entire airport exiting process can take anywhere from half an hour to 5 depending on the luck of the draw that day and depending on your trolley…ours which had one wheel creaking and then eventually stopped in protest of having actually being used for moving!

And I’m not being overly critical but if millions are being spent on our airport….why can’t we see even a marginally decent airport…or are we just too satisfied with accepting substandard crap! And no the ‘It happens only in India’ line CANNOT APPLY! We have some of the world’s most luxurious resorts…surely we can give a tourist or a resident a good welcome !

I want to be happy to be back. I really do!


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