I’m not ok- Isolation vs. Loneliness

So the isolation seemed a welcome idea for me … don’t have to deal with Toby, our annoying and extremely confused office help who seems to always get everything wrong! I would also avoid the commute to office with the one-ways and the honking. I’d even avoid the school rush in the morning while navigating my walk with Magic.

And don’t get me wrong, it started just fine. We were exhausted after the ordeal of getting back home, and lacking sleep and energy and cuddling up with the puppy wasn’t hard at all. Maybe I’d even get to watch the Love Island episodes I’d stored up or catch up on a bit of online classes that I’d signed up for.

But then without notice the emptiness and loneliness hit me like a ton of bricks. Sure #SocialDistancing seemed like the only option, but the lack of contact, the silence, the sheer loneliness started catching up. And with that fear. It didn’t help that the news only sold more fear and social networks were crammed with conspiracy theories. And all of a sudden in a world of billions, we understood that we were a drop in the ocean and that too barely!

Then you heard about dolphins returning to the Venice canals and watched the sky (even above Mumbai) become clear again. And it was even more sad to think that it took a pandemic and isolation from the human race for the world to try and repair itself. If we hadn’t been so darn awful would we have to stay isolated and away from the world to let the world heal?

As this virus passes, I vow to do better, to pollute less and harm less. I vow to take better care of those around me and worry about the spread of infection, instead of citing this as normal. If nothing else I think we’ll all become a bit cleaner and safer and that’s a win right!

I’m also starting my #HowAreYou … a tool where I’m planning to touch base with employees, friends and even random strangers so we can get together to share, chat or even play a game… I’m starting this on Skype first and then hopefully Insta next! I’ll make a few friends and maybe #SocialDistancing does not have to be so isolating then… There are more of us out there feeling alone.

P.s.-: Don’t hoard. Keep in mind others. The Universe has taught us a tough lesson and if we make it out of this… don’t lets line up for #Lesson2


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