Fools Seldom Differ

We’ve all probably heard ‘Like Attracts Like’ and of course the funnier- ‘Fools seldom differ!’ And I always wondered on the same. Whereas ‘Opposites Attract’ seemed a more perfect description of the husband and me with him being the strong , silent type and me the more emotional, opinionated one, over the years, I realised that he and I were more alike than we give ourselves credit for. With many of the same passions (traveling, fun comedies, theatre) and many of the same values- we have now come to the stage where more often than not we can think the same thoughts and I can complete his sentences- making him more silent than he usually is ! 🙂

At work and in friendships too I think this needs to be followed. I mean, we’ve all met that one person who’ll do anything to get ahead. We’ve met the liar, the smooth talker, the one who hogs all the credit. And I have realised that it’s lazy if we still befriend him/ her , thinking well that’s okay, it won’t happen to me. Or even the lamer excuse, ‘we’re not really that close, we’re just acquaintances.’ Remember more often than not, you are a product of the people you associate with. And unfortunately if you keep fraternising with unethical people, you will not realise when you cross the line too.

You are not placed in relationships. You choose them. Choose wisely. Or don’t be shocked when they behave badly with you. You choose the company you keep. So be vigilant of those you let in to your life. Remember it’s never about quantity- it’s always, always about quality. It takes a bit more time to reach critical mass… but once you find your people, they will be perfect for you.

P.s. (Palat says)-: This is a shoutout to the new friends especially ‘N’ that I met thanks to my old friend ‘N.’ If I love someone , then there must be something perfect about the people she’s friendly with… after all ‘fools seldom differ!’ And I’d rather be a fool with great friendships and relationships than a smart one with questionable ones!


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