The moment

The last few weeks have made me more aware than ever on how important ‘the moment’ actually is.

We all quote books like ‘The Secret’ and ‘The Power of Now,’ but actually living in the moment is so much harder and more focussed.

Think about it?

How many of you remember the high points and low points of last month, of last week or even of yesterday. In a world of automation, we have in a way, automated our lives as well. Like clockwork we continue through the daily maze like a experimental rat and continue on the rat race never ever pausing to take stock of the moment, to actually think and feel, to focus and remember.

Post Multiple Sclerosis , I have had to spend so much time focusing on understanding myself, and what I feel like, what I can do, what I can’t and how I must do / learn something that by force I have actually had to take pause and feel the moment.

It’s overwhelming. It’s larger than life. And it passes you by before you know it.

Stay in it.





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