Expect less.



While lunching with a friend, I discussed some of the issues I had been facing over the past month.

“We’ve become very selfish,” I rued…”unless something focuses only on us we’re not interested and now we’ve even stopped pretending.”

Through a festival that I had just produced , I realised that in our ‘busy’ lives more often then not, there were so many more people out there doing so much more, who we’d never even know or recognise. When our problems seem so important- in the larger scale of things when we look at everyone else’s lives… we’re often shown a mirror of how little we actually know.”

In this urgency to become the hero and heroine of the Film of Life , we’ve stopped looking at the whole picture.

Friends are now often just familiar acquaintances because we’re all too darn busy to care. In a technology filled word created with the aim of ‘connecting’ we’ve all become even more disconnected. With work, traffic and life we’ve just stopped focussing on what’s really important- people! What’s the point of a connection if you have no-one to connect with!

“Expect less” said my friend.

To avoid being disappointed in people stop expecting anything from them.

I’ve always lived loudly, passionately and with tons of love. People demand my attention and I demand theirs! I don’t want to change…but I also don’t want to be disappointed.


So here’s my plan- give me loads of love and I will support you with the same.

Give me radio silence and I’ll switch channel!

Win-win, I believe!



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