Dealing with the TERRIBLE TUESDAYS!

And so Monday is finally over and it’s too late to have Monday morning blues and yet here we are truly blue on the terrible two! The second of the week where suddenly the world catches up with you and deadlines now have to be met and the weekend is a distant mirage!

This my plan to not let the Blue Tues get me down!

  1. Treat yourself in the morning to keep your morning a bit brighter- anything from a candy bar to almonds to coffee…you know what makes you smile! So find it!
  2. Don’t let the week’s work overwhelm you. Take it one day at a time and only put on your plate what you can finish today. Even if you finish the whole week’s work in one day…trust me tomorrow you’ll get some more to do! That’s why it’s called work!
  3. Mid morning -pick up the phone and chat with someone – about anything fun! It could be about football last night, to the latest gossip to your plans for the weekend. Take 10 minutes off to laugh!
  4. Make lunch fun! Don’t get bogged down by the same ol’ dabba. Go out and eat or share with friends ….or splurge on dessert! After all you’ve almost completed the terrible tues!
  5. To keep yourself up and awake grab a cuppa at 3 and maybe not at your desk…take a walk to the nearby coffee shop and  just take in the energy! It’ll give you a break and a free mind and you can come back with a lot more energy!
  6. Go the gym/ exercise during the day , probably post work in the evening. That 1/2 an hour exercise will release the endorphins and keep your mood on the upswing!
  7. Do a movie night or a evening coffee with someone you love – it’ll be a calm end to a perfect day leaving you super charged for a Wonderful Wednesday!

Write in with more tips and tricks , if you have any and do please, please read my Luxury Travel Blog ! And follow me…I need all the support I can get!


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