About the Travelholic! (Me!)

A luxury travel fanatic…I’m always looking for the most exclusive, private and yet amazingly fun hideaways in every corner of the world! I love room service, housekeeping and long flights! Comfort is key when I travel and I work HARD between my vacations to make sure each trip is better than the previous one!

I’M A CERTIFIED TRAVELHOLIC and I have no intention of changing! EVER!

2 thoughts on “About the Travelholic! (Me!)

  1. Its an honor following you. Read all the blogs and they have been very well written. Cheers to many more exciting destinations 🙂


    1. Thank you Himanshu! It means alot coming from someone as well traveled as you!

      Keep reading and keep inspiring me to see all the wonderful destinations you’ve already been to!

      It’s nice to meet a fellow Travelholic! 😉

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