Becoming a girl again!

And so I’m becoming a girl again…In the midst of all the illness and constant trips to the hospital, I just stopped. Stopped bothering about the heels and nail polish because it all seemed so silly and frivolous compared to the early morning blood tests, the rushing to the hospital because “I can’t breathe” scenes and the horrible , horrible fevers! And it seemed like it didn’t really even matter to those around me…I mean Cookie, my pet cocker spaniel adores me even when I have ‘chinese balm’ on my forehead (Mom says it cures everything!) And Aditya is just, well he’s just a sucker for punishment. I wish i could see how I looked in his eyes… he obviously he has the rosiest, tinted glasses ever… How most women would love to look thru those glasses every time they look in to a mirror? 🙂

And so back to the change… so its been nail polish, straightened hair and heels for me and it’s been fun! Playing dress up again has made me smile more and got me a lot more appreciative smiles as well…!

The health…not much better…but in manicured nails and high heels I look a lot better than I feel…

And like in theatre -looking the part is half way to getting the part.


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