Starting Anew

So the resolutions started and I made a few that I think I can keep.

This year, I’m making ME my priority.

After a failed set of blood tests— yes the nerd in me still can’t get over the fact that these are tests I cannot study for, hence fix; I decided-: My life=My health= Me!

Change can only happen if you want it to !It can’t happen if you are not ready to make the change… so after years of letting other people tell me what they think I should do, or what could make a difference- I did the research and change has started. It will be slow. It is painful. But I’m going to power on!

Next resolution was to invest in relationships…it’s about taking the time to make a difference in someone else’s life and allowing them to make a difference in yours… So I’m spending more quality time with the people I love, meeting a few I did love once and seeing how I can get that magic back and just realising that the world is so much better when you actually connect.

December was a fun month of meetings and parties; connections and disconnections (from staring at a screen) and I had the most fun I’d had! We spend so much time connecting at the end of the year… I’ve decided to make this more of a year long feature… So here’s to late nights, bleary eyes and lots of laughter!

I also bought a planner… now for someone who prides herself on her Organisational skills, this could have been a bit much… But with the diary allowing me to focus on sticking with my plans and even giving me the freedom to make new plans.. I’m having fun!

I know… this is just Week 1… there’s another 51 to go…

But like I always say… you gotta start somewhere… and I just did!


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