…cos it’s all in my head! ( aka what women want!)

that’s the difference often between happiness and the IDEAL of happiness….my husband taught me very early in life ( by default of course) that men have absolutely NO IDEA what you want, what you’re thinking or why you are in that obnoxious mood….you want to him to learn, you want him to know- TELL HIM!!!

Men are less complicated than we give them credit for and actually pretty straight forward. yes, sure some of them still have the wait 3 days before calling rule or the ‘pretending’ that their cool with you not being committed to them is kind of their only games and since we girls know the rules; these games are not the fairest of games!

So what do women want– men just ask them and women stop playing the ‘if you knew me, you would know…’ game and just blurt it out! stop imagining that one day he’s going to get it all ‘just right’, because he doesn’t know what ‘just right’ is unless you tell him at least once!!! And yup, just tell them. no games. i want commitment. i want coffee. i want to go to see a rom- com! i like birthdays!!! tell them what you want…its a heck of a lot easier and you’ll be a heck of a lot happier…because in time your man will keep it in mind and get everything ‘JUST RIGHT!’ …just the way you had it up in your head!!!

on the flip side maybe you’re both wanting different things..isn’t it easier you know now than 5 years down the line!!! so talk, shout, COMMUNICATE!

it’s not their fault for screwing it up…if you don’t tell them what they screwed up in the first place…right!


5 thoughts on “…cos it’s all in my head! ( aka what women want!)

  1. It’s Damn good.. or I would say really wonderful…. after so long.. I have got to hear something very practical and logical specially from a woman… No doubt that woman has to be You Divya and only You…..coz something like this can not be expected from an ordinary woman coz they do not think out of the box or Actually they don’t want to think out of the box..they like to live in an imaginary world..

    Well I think.. speaking up with your partner face to face or talking with them mobiles/phones for hours is not enough or probably useless if you are not communicating with your partner…

    There is a huge difference between talking with your partner and communicating with them…
    If you not pretending and really communicating well..then must be least disputes between you both….
    I don’t understand why women want their men to guess or read their mind…when in reallity it’s too difficult or ulmost impossible to read a woman’s mind..{(Specially when a man doesn’t know Telepathy ;-o)}

    On the other hand.. Men never want to disclose it to their partners that actually they don’t know what’s goin on in her mind…

    Your views clear one think that if couples start communicating properly insteaded of just talking, arguing with eachother and expecting their partners to guess…
    Then certainly we will have a much.. much.. much better world or atleast families/couples with least disputes, misunderstandings etc..

    Amazing solution you have it.. Why don’t you start Marriage Councelling… believe me.. you will save some marriages and relations.. I truly appreciate it…


    1. Thank you Omkar…just had been listening to so many girl friends complaining to me but not actually telling their partner what they actually want…they smile, say they love it and then crib about it and the poor guy has no idea how he’s getting it wrong!!!!

      marriage counselling…yup;-) may not be such a bad idea!


  2. Yes, surely.. it’s not a bad idea…if she goes for it.. certainly she will be helping poor guys/husbands to understand their partners..

    Guys.. you can take a sigh of relief now… Divya is here to help you out…


  3. Divya…

    i agree with our post Divya…if men come to know what women know..then less of divorces and less of conflicts. i see so many cases day in day out..its basically lack of communication between the couples. if one learns the Art of communication then i think..divorce courts or rather a relationship between a girl friend and boy friend will never break up.

    Divya…is always there to help….


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